Natural and pure essential oils

Produced in Northwestern part of Bulgaria
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Cultivation and growing plants

Use of methods
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Lavender oil

Produced in accordance with European regulations
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Early spring (February-March), before the spring drought, or late autumn – after the cessation of plant vegetation


Loosening, mixing and shredding, ensuring a flat surface, soil structure and depth


Mowing and harvesting plants


Extraction of essential oil through steam distillation


Drying flowers and whole stalks of lavender for medical and decorative purposes


Apis Agro 98 Ltd. is an agricultural company and has been on the Bulgarian market since 2015. The company was the first producer of lavender in Northwestern Bulgaria and has been constantly expanding its horizons and activities.

The company has implemented two projects under European programs: sub-measure 4.1 “Investments in rural areas” and sub-measure 4.2 “Investments in processing / marketing of agricultural products”. Preparation activities for the first project started immediately after the establishment of the company – in 2015 . The project was fully implemented and completed before the end of 2017.

The company has a closed production cycle, which includes planting, mechanical tillage, harvesting, distillation / drying, wholesale of finished products.

For the prosperity and development of the company the team has been constantly developing their knowledge and acquiring new skills to ensure good quality of both the production process and the final product.


Quality essential oils of lavender, melissa, chamomile, etc.

Once harvested, the raw material is immediately processed as not to lose some of its qualities.

Distillery Dryer